Our most frequently asked questions about domains, registrations, and .rugby can be found below.

What is .rugby?

.rugby is a generic Top-level Domain (gTLD).

A domain name is a unique word or phrase in a particular format that allows people to find information on the Internet. The Domain Name System (DNS) maps domain names to servers where the content resides, based on each server’s Internet Protocol (IP) address (for example, or 2001:503:A83:0:0:2:30). Instead of searching for information by IP address, a domain name allows people to search for Web sites and send email using familiar, easy to remember names.

Who can register .rugby domain names?

Now YOU can! Anyone in the world can register a .rugby domain name — with a simple checkout and approval process. We keep squatters out by validating requests made for .rugby domains.

Any registrant in the world can create their own basketball opportunity and have more choice in branding online by securing relevant and memorable .rugby domain names.

How can I register a .rugby domain?

You can start by searching for your preferred domain.

This is the only site where you can register and manage a .rugby domain name. This opportunity is exclusively available on get.rugby.

What is a Premium .rugby Domain?

A .rugby premium domain name is a web address that has been held, or that may have higher than standard pricing set to reflect its relative value.

Premium domain names may include, among other things, country names or abbreviations, known teams, player names, popular keywords, global brands, and terms that are in high demand. Premium names require some additional information regarding the domain’s usage to protect from squatters and spammers.

What should I do if someone has a .rugby domain name that infringes on a trademark I own?

If you believe that your trademark rights are being infringed upon by someone who has registered a .rugby domain name, you can contact the domain owner directly by finding their contact information at www.whois.rugby.

If direct contact does not resolve the conflict, then you have the option to utilize the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), which has been adopted by the .rugby Registry and is based upon the best practice recommendations of ICANN for domain dispute resolution. For more information on these tools and the general administration policy for .rugby domain names please see Policies & Procedures for Dispute Resolution.

Does .rugby rank on search engines the same way as .com?

Yes, it does!

.rugby is a generic domain extension (gTLD) and that means your site is given equal treatment in Google search results pages assuming you have equal quality content. Check out our section about why .rugby for more information.

Is my registration data publicly displayed?

No, all registrant data has been redacted for your privacy. 

However, .rugby Registrants must still abide by the .rugby Terms of Use. The Policy requires that true registrant information be provided by Registrars and their Resellers if requested due to a legal action. True registrant information will only be requested upon a legitimate law-enforcement request for information.

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