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You know the drill. Often you search for the domain you want and get blocked. Maybe it’s already taken and possibly by someone who doesn’t even use it. With .rugby domain squatters have been shut out so only people or organisations with a genuine claim to the name will be accepted.


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The love of rugby creates a bond. That’s why .rugby is fast becoming the default for our sport in the digital world. National unions, clubs, brands, leagues and people involved with rugby around the world are making the switch.

We’re all part of the same family and this is our family name.

Club transformation complete for new champions Eden

Early .rugby adopters Eden celebrate major breakthrough After 99 years of trying, Auckland club rugby side Eden is celebrating its first ever title in the city’s premier division. A 19-10 win over Grammar TEC in the…

New Zealand’s new home of rugby is .rugby

New Zealand Rugby’s .rugby websites set the stage for nationwide digital alignment at all levels of the sport. A simple, but strategic online change has allowed New Zealand rugby teams of all shapes and sizes to come together…

USA Rugby joins .rugby movement!

USA Rugby has added to its digital might by aligning its platform to world leaders like

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“Switching to a .rugby domain was a ‘no brainer’ from a brand and marketing point of view. The transition was seamless and we’re already seeing an improvement in search ranking and increase in direct traffic to our digital properties.”

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